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DECO - Key competences for career designing in cooperation with labour market


Project “Deco -Key competences for career designing in cooperation with labour market” creates partnership between 4 countries and 8 organizations.  Two sectors – vocational education schools and organizations, experienced in career counseling and designing, networking with labour market representatives will cooperate in the project (further – expert organizations). Project partners aim to identify key competences, necessary for the successful integration to the labour market of the VET schools students and prepare guidelines for VET schools career counselors for these key competences development. Guidelines will be based on the key competences development in cooperation with the labour market representatives to ensure that they are tuned to the world of work. Project activities are addressed to solve the problems, actual for the project partners and other similar organization all over the Europe. Project activities and planned output is  addressed to the several target groups – VET schools career counselors, practice teachers, managers, stakeholders, VET education related authorities and labour market representatives. Activities implemented during the project will help to reach these objects of the project:

  • To foster career consultants of VET schools professional development;
  • To provide better services for the  VET students in key skill development for the successful integration into the labour market;
  • To develop services for the labour market representatives in cooperation with the VET schools and expert organizations;
  • To ensure the need of the labour market for the qualified work force.  

Project partners identified, that the project goals meets with the priorities of the Erasmus plus programme for vocational education - establishment of partnership between vocational training institutions and businesses. The project also meets the priority themes of Erasmus plus programme for Lithuania - qualification compliance with the needs of labour market, the availability and quality of vocational guidance services, education of key competences (especially creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship) through vocational training. The project is also relevant to the themes of vocational guidance and career education sphere and meets them - education of competences of specialists (that often don't have special education) working in the vocational guidance area and strengthening the preparation system of vocational guidance specialists.  Career counselors experience of the participating VET schools shows, that constant development of career counseling and designing services for the students is necessary to ensure that abilities of VET schools graduates responds the needs of the labour market. Project topic formulates objectives, which will ensure, that participation in the project will be advantageous for all the partners of the project. VET schools will get a tool for the qualified career counseling and designing of key competencies development and successful integration into the labour market of the students. Expert organizations will use this guidance for the development of the services for the VET schools and employers to ensure required qualification of the labour.


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