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EUPA_NEXT is a project for the development of a European/International qualification for administration personnel in four EQF levels.  As such it contributes to the development of a European Area of skills and qualifications. Through EUPA_NEXT skills will be developed through training materials and online books  that will respond to a qualification framework in each of the four EQF levels. Knowledge, skills and competences are assessed using  assessment tools (one for each level). Therefore EUPA_NEXT promotes the VALIDATION of knowledge, skills and competences.
EUPA_NEXT will develop training curricula, training materials and assessment tools in accordance to the EQF levels  (level 2,3,4 and 5) and responding to specific learning outcomes included in qualification frameworks. It is also important to note that EUPA_NEXT provides a link between European tools and an internationally recognized standard  ISO (ISO 17024 deals with certification of competences)
Last but not least EUPA_NEXT works on INCREASING THE LABOUR MARKET RELEVANCE OF VET. Employers were taken into consideration when designing the qualification frameworks (this was done under a previous project EUPA). Employers are now an important stakeholder to be taken into consideration during the design of curricula and training materials.  Multiplier events target employers to ensure their support in this new certification and what is more a policy recommendation is sent to  policy makers to officially recognise EUPA_NEXT.




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EL proyecto EUPA_NEXT ha sido elegido como proyecto de buenas prácticas por la Agencia Nacional Erasmus+ de Chipre en su informe intermedio.

EL proyecto EUPA_NEXT está presente en la página web de la Asociación internacional de asistentes a la dirección: https://www.ima-network.org/training-development

EL proyecto EUPA_NEXT está presente en la página web de EPALE: https://ec.europa.eu/epale/en/content/eupa-next-international-project-focuses-validation-non-formal-and-informal-learning